California Readin’ March 25th in Brea, CA

I’ll be at the California Readin’ event on March 25th in Brea, CA.  This is a reader appreciation event where you can join romance authors for an afternoon of fun, prizes, and books.  The tickets are $5, but you will receive a $5 gift certificate to spend at the book signing immediately following the event.  Please click on the following link for more info and to buy your tickets:

Coming Soon

Red, White and Built

A team of six Navy SEAL Snipers has been matching skills and wits against a known sharpshooter nicknamed “Vlad” across several deployments. Now Vlad has assembled a group of international terrorists, who are threatening to create chaos and fear across the globe. Each member of the sniper unit receives a stateside assignment that will not only challenge his skills and fortitude but his personal honor and commitment to himself and those he loves. 

SAS NSS large