holiday-cal-readinCalifornia Readin’ March 25th in Brea, CA

I’ll be at the California Readin’ event on March 25th in Brea, CA.  This is a reader appreciation event where you can join romance authors for an afternoon of fun, prizes, and books.  The tickets are $5, but you will receive a $5 gift certificate to spend at the book signing immediately following the event.  Please click on the following link for more info and to buy your tickets:


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Target:  Timberline

A 25-year old kidnapping case once again has the town of Timberline, Washington on edge.  As the town grapples with new evidence, long-forgotten secrets, and deadly alliances, four men seek to find justice for the three missing children who disappeared without a trace. 

 Single Father Sheriff Sudden Second Chance Army Ranger Redemption In the Arms of the Enemy
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Brothers in Arms: Retribution

The men of Prospero are back and hotter than ever! Tempest, a covert ops agency is trading on the good name of Prospero to snag assignments to keep the world safe. But Tempest is not what it seems. Caliban, the diabolical leader of Tempest is plotting to throw the world into chaos to establish a new world order with him as the ultimate leader, and he plans to use an army of “super agents” – impervious to pain, pleasure, and all morality – to help him accomplish his goal. The brothers in arms, the agents of Prospero, are not about to let Caliban realize his evil plan and to threaten the women they love. It’s time for…retribution.

Under fire pregplot NSS large SAS
Under Fire The Pregnancy Plot Navy Seal Spy Secret Agent Santa
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